Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fruit Tarts

Whenever I go to my favorite grocery store I always stop and drool over the goodies in the bakery cases. The large tortes, decorated cakes, tarts, specialty desserts and more always look so beautiful and delicious. Yesterday I went in search of indgredients for a special lunch today. While walking by the case, I was inspired by their little fruit tarts and decided to try my hand at them.
I searched around for a recipe and came up with this one. These tarts are fun to make, although it can take a bit of time to pull together all of the components. Last night I made the pastry cream and the dough. These chilled out in the fridge until this morning. I then let the dough warm up for half and hour then blind baked the little tart shells until golden. They then had to chill. While that happened I cut up the fruit. The assembly was the best part of the process. I decided on strawberries. kiwi, and mango...mainly because that's what is available in October! These tarts turned out beautiful and delicious. The pastry cream inside was good - just sweet enough - and the crust was very yummy. I used apple jelly to give the whole thing a nice sheen.
These got great reviews and there was enough to send some along with our guests so they can enjoy them with dinner as well! (We even have some left to go with our dinner!)

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