Sunday, November 05, 2006

Restaurant Recreation

Have you ever eaten a dish at a restaurant and went home craving more? There have been many occasions when I've come home after a meal out and recreated things off of the menu. That is how I started making mushroom ravioli, chicken and bow tie pasta, waffles with strawberry sauce, paninis, and more. If anybody knows how to make green tea semi-freddo with chestnut beignets...I'm still working on recreating that one. Well, yesterday we encountered a great bruscetta appetizer and my husband and I (I bet Gabe would have agreed, if he could talk) said we could go for a little more of it for dinner. So, we stopped at the market on the way home and picked up a few ingredients for the recreation as well as some other things I just couldn't pass up. We also made a second stop at the wine shop to turn our meal into something a little more special.
I took a shortcut with the bruscetta and picked up a package of pita bread which I toasted under the broiler and I topped with the chopped tomato and basil mixture. After piling it high I topped that off with a few spoonfuls of some basil pesto that I had already made, hence the dark color. To accompany that appetizer I also made prosciutto wrapped figs that I grilled with a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The final additional was a mound of baby mozzarella balls coated in olive oil, salt, pepper, and more fresh basil.
These little appetizers were a cinch to throw together and they made a terrific light and easy dinner.

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