Monday, June 25, 2007

The Garden Update

Here it is people...act amazed because this is a big deal for me. I have not only kept every plant in the garden alive but the whole thing is flourishing beyond my wildest expectations. It is actually starting to get...shall I say it...too big! If the space between the rows closes in much more I'll have to wear stilts while I'm weeding. Try to imagine that if you can.My tomato plants have gotten so big that I can hardly step between them and the squash plant is reaching out and touching everything! I have to say that it is a beautiful sight though. Tons of green, lots of blossoms, and a few flowers peaking out here and there. As far as the flower part of the garden is concerned the nasturtium are out in full force, the dahlia are just coming (I think there are 4 blooms), and two of the sunflowers are peaking out. You can just make out the dark rust and burgundy color of the sunflowers that I decided to plant. I think the big yellow ones are nice but these are so much more interesting and they go with my kitchen much better if I do decide to cut any from the garden.

Here is the last picture to show the magnitude of produce starting to come in. Here are the peas...the ones we didn't pick. I hope we can hold off long enough for them to get nice and fat before plucking them...however my son has already started to reach over the fence and pick them off the plants himself.
Hopefully I'll have another amazing update in a few weeks showing lots of squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. Until then I'll be finding ways to use up all the basil, peas, and lettuce out there.

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