Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Apple Danish

Joseph lost another bet at work...this one cost him 10 lunches. Later he made a deal with the winner...which included me making something worth 5 lunches. Since the bet was about leading apple producing states I thought it was only fitting that apples be included in the winners trophy. I just happened to have a bag of apples from our last trip to Michigan - thank you Grandma and AnnaLee - so I got to work on a family favorite. This apple danish recipe - you know I can't even call it a recipe, since I've never seen one used to make this - so I should say, this apple danish method is a family favorite. For years I helped my grandmother, aunt, and my mother make this danish multiple times each fall. We'd sit around trying to see who could get the longest apple peelings while talking and laughing the day away. Although I don't recall ever seeing the whole process done in conjunction since there were usually 8 hands at work on different parts, I pieced it together a few years back and started making it for my own family. I must admit that it isn't nearly as much fun working fact it was a little lonely as I recalled the fun we had making it at mom's house.
So, here is the method...but it is not precise by any means. We usually make a large sheet of it which disappears within a day, no kidding. We make an extra large batch of pie crust like what you find on the back of the Crisco tub. Once you have the bottom rolled out and in the pan we spread a layer of Rice Krispies on the bottom - yes, you heard me right. After that we layer on the sliced apples that have been mixed with sugar and cinnamon. Place a few dollops of butter around for good measure and roll on the top layer of crust. Crimp the edges and then smear the entire top with a layer of egg whites that have been whipped until semi-stiff. Bake at 350 until golden. Let cool and then drizzle on icing made with confectioner's sugar, vanilla, and milk. Enjoy. This is terrific hot, warm, cool, get the picture.

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