Friday, September 28, 2007


We recently had dinner at our local Heaven on Seven and ever since I have been craving more of their famous gumbo. I found this recipe courtesy of ABC Chicago News station and I have to say it is really good. Even without a few ingredients, namely the okra, clam juice, or lobster base, this was a winner. I'm sure if I had the last few ingredients it would be stellar, but I can still recommend my version. It is a little redder than the original but that is because I added more tomato paste than called for simply because I didn't want to waste it.
I'm simply reposting the recipe as given, however I made less than half a batch for us.

Jimmy Bannos of Heaven on Seven gumbo recipe

2 Pounds Chicken Thigh Meat- Diced
2 Pounds Sausage- sliced
1 Gallon chicken stock
1 Cup green peppers- diced
1 Cup celery- diced
1 Cup onions- diced
32 Ounces clam juice
3 Ounces crab base
2 Ounces lobster base
1/4 Cup cajun seasoning
1/8 Cup cayenne pepper
1 Cup tomato paste
1/4 Cup corn starch
2 Cups cut okra
2 Cups frozen shrimp-medium
Sauté diced chicken in sauce pan. Bring chicken stock to a boil. Add green pepper, onion, celery, cooked chicken, and sliced sausage.
Stir in cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper, tomato paste, crab base, and lobster base. Let simmer, then add clam juice. Simmer while stirring occasionally for 30 minutes.
Add okra and shrimp.
Cook for another ten minutes and add corn starch (diluted) and gumbo file.
Serve over rice

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