Monday, July 11, 2011

Flower Cupcakes - Fun in the Kitchen

There is nothing my kids love more than doing something funky with a cupcake! So when we got this new cookbook they went nuts over it. Everyday they would pull it off the shelf and drool over all of the wonderful pictures and creations. We were just waiting for the right occasion to attempt a batch of these yummy cupcakes.
So, we finally made these fun cupcakes for my mother-in-law's birthday. The kids thought that placing 44 pieces of colored marshmallow on one cupcake was too much fun. I won't lie, this one is a bit time consuming, but easy...really!
This recipe is simple enough...we doctored up a cake mix and used canned frosting. This time it was all about the decorations!

1 box cake mix
1 cup buttermilk - use in place of the water
Vegetable oil - same as listed on box
4 eggs

Mix and bake according to box instructions.

1 cup canned white frosting
1 bag mini-marshmallows
decorating sugar

Frost cooled cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Use kitchen shears to cut 22 mini-marshmallows on a diagonal. Dip the cut side of each marshmallow into the colored decorating sugar. Start on the outer edge of the cupcake and place the marshmallows sugar side up, close enough together to touch. Repeat for 2 more rows with the same color petals. Repeat for all of the remaining cupcakes.

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